July 19, 2010

Singapore is jungle, orchids and steamy hot weather. It is a modern vibrant city, and buzzing international hub in the tropics of Southeast Asia.

Singapore has a colonial character but distinctly Asian personality combining Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures and traditions, united in their love for and obsession with food.

Singapore is a no stress stopover destination, an easy and fun place to hang out for a few days and get a taste of Asia. If you still think it’s sterile, it’s time you give it another look.

Go Local
There is no better way to find out what makes Singapore tick than to head to a local neighbourhood and enjoy some local food.  My advice is to ask locals including taxi drivers for recommendations and then make it an adventure. Check out the Food Tour Itinerary for some suggestions to get you started (coming soon).

Experience Colonial Style
There is something quite magical about the old colonial ‘black and white’ homes and heritage shophouses dotted around Singapore.
You don’t have to try hard to experience a bit of history but check out the B & W Walking Tours Itinerary.

Grooming, Pampering, Shopping, Flouncing
This is a sport in Singapore so you may as well have a go.
Check out the Colonial Walking Tours Itinerary.

Take in a view of the Harbour
Singapore is one of the busiest ports in the world. There is something surreal about seeing hundreds of ships off the coast.
Head to East Coast Park and enjoy a view of the harbour and some famous Singapore chilli crab.

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