Singaporean Obsessions

July 08, 2010

Singaporean Obsessions
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Welcome to Singapore, where the national past times include shopping and eating.

Three things that Singaporeans are obsessed with: air conditioning, food and shopping.

A friend told me once that when asked what the greatest invention of all time is, Singaporeans typically said air conditioning. In a climate that hovers around 30 degrees with 75% humidity, it’s no wonder. The combination of heat and humidity is almost unbearable without aircon.

In fact, the first thing you notice about Singapore is the heat and humidity, which literally hits you in the face as soon as you walk out of Changi airport. But from the time you get into a taxi you’ll realize the heat is surprisingly tolerable and in fact what becomes less tolerable is the freezing cold indoor temperatures – you’ll find aircon is almost always on full blast. So bring a sweater, jumper, jacket or pashmina.

What’s memorable about Singapore for most people is the food. There is an unfathomable number of places to eat in Singapore with any range of culinary possibilities. In fact there is so much choice it’s hard to know where to start.

Take recommendations from the locals and be willing to cross the city and wait in line for the best laksa, the best char kwe teoh noodles, chicken or duck rice, dumplings or the more adventurous clay pot frogs, tripe or pigs trotter. Served fresh from local stalls or small restaurants local food in Singapore is cheap and delicious.

Closely matching the Singaporean obsession with food is an obsession with shopping. Got some money burning a hole in your pocket? Head to Orchard Road for a fix, or check out the Shopping Itinerary (coming soon) and make a day of it.

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  • Diane:

    Posted: 07.08.2010

    My two fav things food and shopping.

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