Great Experiences

Great Experiences is about the wow moments. Things that inspire, challenge and make an impression.

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    A Motorcycle Adventure

    “Woo Hoooo!” I shouted into my helmet as I gunned it down the highway. My pulse raced and I had the hugest smile on my face. It was incredible! Pure exhilaration. It was my first motorcycle roadtrip, my first time riding…


    Diving with a Whale Shark

    For divers, you never know what you’ll see on any given dive, but usually the bigger the fish the more exciting it is.

    So when we jumped into the sea off the coast of Malaysia and right underneath us in…


    Absolute Sanctuary

    My body was crying for mercy. Too much airplane food, too many late nights, too much stress, too much alcohol. My work hard, play hard lifestyle had caught up with me.

    Although I tried to exercise regularly, going for walks…