Singapore Destination Page

July 08, 2010 | By Elynn

Singapore Destination Page
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Singapore is jungle, orchids and steamy hot weather.

It is a modern vibrant city and buzzing international hub in the tropics of Southeast Asia.

A no stress stopover destination, Singapore is an easy and fun place to hang out for a few days and get a taste of Asia. If you still think it’s sterile, it’s time you give it another look.

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Must Do List

Go Local
There is no better way to find out what makes Singapore tick than to head to a local neighbourhood and enjoy some local food.  Check out the Food Tour Itinerary for some suggestions to get you started (coming soon).

Experience Colonial Style
There is something quite magical about the old colonial ‘black and white’ homes and heritage shophouses dotted around Singapore. Experience a bit of history with our B & W Walking Tours Itinerary (coming soon).

Grooming, Pampering, Shopping, Flouncing
This is a sport in Singapore so you may as well have a go. Check out the Shopping & Spa itinerary (coming soon).

Take in a view of the Harbour
Singapore is one of the busiest ports in the world. Head to East Coast Park and take in a view of the ships in the harbour and some famous Singapore chilli crab.

Singapore Destination Page Blog Entries


    Modern Singapore

    You’ve got to hand it to Singapore, it only became a republic in 1965 and like the other Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea) has grown into a highly modern economic powerhouse in a very short time.



    Singaporean Obsessions

    Three things that Singaporeans are obsessed with: air conditioning, food and shopping.

    A friend told me once that when asked what the greatest invention of all time is, Singaporeans typically said air conditioning. In a climate that hovers around 30…


    Geylang - Singapore’s Red Light District

    What I like most about Geylang is that it’s the opposite of the glossy-magazine version of Singapore that you see most places. It looks, feels and smells like Asia.

    The smell I’m referring to is durian, a tropical fruit that…


    Absolute Sanctuary

    My body was crying for mercy. Too much airplane food, too many late nights, too much stress, too much alcohol. My work hard, play hard lifestyle had caught up with me.

    Although I tried to exercise regularly, going for walks…

Travel Planning

Check out our Singapore Travel Planning page for all the infromation you need to book your Singapore trip.

Research cheap flights to Singapore on

Looking for a list of boutique hotels in Singapore? Read our Boutique Hotels in Singapore story (coming soon).

Travel Tips

  • You are going to sweat. Don’t worry you won’t be the only one.
  • You are also going to freeze, as aircon is always set to meat locker temperatures. Bring a cardigan or pashmina to take the edge off the cold indoors.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  • Don’t be put off visiting SE Asia during monsoon seasons. Singapore has fantastic thunderstorms. Heavy downpours are frequent but they usually don’t last long and they cool things down a bit.

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