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LifeTravelAdventure is part blog, part online magazine and part photo gallery.

It’s a showcase of stories and photography from around the world, for and about people who do adventurous things and love the outdoors, travel and life in general.

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These days the internet is pretty much all you need to plan a trip.  At least in theory.

But it always helps having a few places to start. And a good map.

So whether you are looking for ideas and inspiration, a quick check on pricing options, useful links, tips or recommendations, check out our Travel Planning section.


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It's about living the dream, making the most of life, pushing your comfort zone, exploring different cultures and doing something to make a difference.

Bio of Founder - Elynn Lorimer

Elynn is an avid traveler who has lived and worked in several countries – Canada, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

Her passions are travel and adventure and for the past 15 years she’s worked in the Internet industry – 5 of those managing travel products for a global online travel agent.

Elynn grew up in Canada, studied at UBC and after living overseas for almost 20 years, recently returned to Vancouver to enjoy travel and adventure in the Great White North.